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Keep Your Alloy Wheels in Tip Top Condition

Alloy wheels on your car not only enhance the look of your vehicle but add value if ever you decide to resell. So it is important to try take care of them, otherwise they may have to be paired and maybe even replaced. Like most things in life, if you consistently look after your alloys then they will last longer. The easiest way to this is simply to clean your alloys regularly.

Cleaning Your Alloys

Clean alloys with a cloth and soapy water, trying to get as much residue off the wheels as possible. This can help with corrosion build up. To get a better clean you can purchase solutions specifically for cleaning alloy wheels to great effect. Most repair outlets can help with this and can advise you in procedure.

When cleaning your alloy wheels make sure you use delicate cloth. Microfibre cloths typically work best. Do not use any coarse cloths you may scratch the alloys wheel causing more damage. For the best results ensure that your wheels are cool before you begin cleaning.

The Smart Repair Centre

The team at The Smart Repair Centre are for any of your alloy repair or refurbishment needs. So get cleaning and look after your alloys. We are always available for advice. Just send us a pm on Facebook and we’ll be happy to share more of our tips with you.


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