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Call The Smart Repair Centre for High Quality Paint Correction

It is pretty much inevitable that your car will suffer small damage in the form of scratches, marks and swirls in the paint. Paint Correction is the prepping and machine polishing of the car's paint to remove these marks.

Paint Correction involves the careful removal of the paints microscopic layer that contains the damage to reveal the surface beneath, making the car look like new again. Car paint is as thin as a human hair and paint type varies from car to car. As such, this is a highly specialised service. Paint correction is ideal for small scratches and swirls as there is no need for respraying. If the scratches or marks are particular deep then your car may need to be resprayed instead.

At The Smart Repair Centre, our highly trained and skilled mechanics are experts in paint correction. Our expertise and experience mean that we can effectively and efficiently conduct all kinds of paint correction jobs. We guarantee a high quality end result, and your car will leave or workshop looking brand new.



Give us a call and we’ll visit you at a convention location to assess the damage. We’ll give you a free estimate and arrange for repairs at a time that suits you.

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