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Where can I get my Car Resprayed

For all car paint repair issues, The Smart Repair Centre have you covered. From the small and medium repair jobs to full car resprays, we can do it all. We use the latest technology and techniques to return your car to a pristine condition. For full resprays we have a state of the art oven where cars are resprayed professionally in a temperature controlled environment to produce top quality finish. We use colour coding technology to ensure an exact paint match for your make and model.

For all car painting issues we have the appropriate solution

Paint Touch Up

Paint Chip Repairs

Stone Chip Repairs

Bumper Resprays

Panel Resprays

Colour Coding

Full Repainting

The Benefits of Car Resprays

Not only will your car look like new again but a paint repair can also drastically increase the resell value of your vehicle.

Resprays and Paint Repairs are quick service and even full car resprays can be carried out in less than 24 hours, meaning you’ll be back on the road in no time.

When done correctly, paint resprays can last a long time and limit the need for future repairs, saving you money in the long run.


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